The Findable Consulting Blog: 3 Steps to Building Customer Churn-Risk Scores


Did you know that it’s possible to put a score on customer churn-risk before they actually leave you (churn)?

Customers don’t tell you when and why they are at risk of switching to a competitor or just dropping out altogether. This kind of business intelligence is becoming a much more important…

Why Companies Should Invest in the Customer Experience |

Beautiful visualization of UX.

Beautiful visualization of UX.

Day 30: It’s here! And it’s just the beginning.


Mood: Still hopeful
Money: Still trickling in

Day thirty. The day has arrived. I am officially thirty days into my new venture. My goal was to have all the business collateral set and the website up, but those things are still under development. I realized though that building a business is not about printing business cards, nor about designing a website, instead it’s about telling a story. Here is the story of my business, in brief…

I’m building a collective of independent designers, creators, planners and innovators. Those folks who do both design-thinking and design-doing. Together we share an openness to experimentation, a love of storytelling and a need to collaborate with the goal of building better products, better experiences and a better world.

Day 20 & 21: Done is better than perfect.

Mood: Hopeful
Money: Trickling in.

Day twenty and twenty-one. The phrase “Done is better than perfect” keeps bouncing around in my head. It is often how work must be approached, especially when one of the main constraints is time. On some level, each of us everyday balances these three main resources: time, people, and money. Constraints are usually present across all three, however flexibility must exist somewhere.

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Day 14 - 19: Five days of focus.


Mood: Stable
Money: Trickling in.

Day fourteen through ninteen. Five days have past since I posted anything concerning my new venture, so here’s an update. I am focusing on three things:

1. Paying gigs (making money is good)

2. Researching collectives

3. Painting the vision

Day 12 & 13: Baby steps are still steps.


Mood: Slightly stressed
Money: Looking forward to getting paid

Day twelve and thirteen. I have had a few more billable hours this week than weeks past. And I have to admit that it’s starting to feel good, although the stress around cash flow still remains.

Day 10 & 11: Finding balance in tension.

Mood: Nervous
Money: Truthfully, looking at my bank account makes me a wee-bit concerned.

Day ten and eleven. These past couple days have made me hyper-aware of billable and non-billable hours. My focus has shifted to finding a balance between working for others and working for myself. Hopefully these two activities will become more blended as my business grows, but right now still seem like separate entities working against each other.